Principal Operator?

What is a principal operator?
The principal operator is the person who will be operating your vehicle the majority of the time during the term of the policy. In most cases, this will be the registered owner of the vehicle.

Why does ICBC need to know?
They set insurance premiums using a number of factors, including the discount level you have earned based on your years of safe driving. Inexperienced drivers and those with at-fault claims aren’t elgibile for the same discount as long-term claims-free customers. By correctly identifying the principal operater each time you renew, we can ensure a more accurate risk-based rating for the policy.

What happens if I don’t declare the correct principal operator?
Many vehicle owners will need to declare a principal operator. You can confirm if your policy requires a principal operator by confirming with us. If you declare the wrong principal operator (ie. parent who doesn’t declare their child who is the principal operator), may be in breach of your insurance. This means that you could be held personally responsible for injuries or property damage if you’re found at fault.

What if my vehicle doesn’t have a principal operator?
If there isn’t a person who operates your vehicle the majority of the time (51% or more) you may have to declare that your vehicle has no principal operator. Your vehicle will then be rated at base rate on the claim-rated scale (no discount or surcharge) because it’s not possible to assess its crash risk.

Please feel free to contact one of our offices if you have any questions at all regarding this. We’ll be happy to help clarify these points with you. Thank-you for reading…

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